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A powerful method to enhance your child’s skills.  We refer to this as “digital therapeutics”.

Read below to see some of the areas where NeuroTracker training can be utilized.

Education - Empowering students to learn

  • Boost attention → NeuroTracker excels in providing students with attentional skills that can help them improve academically, and develop a growth mindset for learning.
  • Academic performance → just 90 minutes of NeuroTracker training has been demonstrated to enhance high-level cognitive abilities.
  • Sharpen attention of students with learning challenges → better academic outcomes and extends to students with learning difficulties, having a better learning environment

Health and Mental Wellness - Improving healthcare quality through digital therapeutics

  • Necessity for Rehabilitation → care that can help you get back, keep, or improve abilities (physical, mental, and/or cognitive – thinking and learning) that you need for daily life.
  • Fighting mental decline → the NeuroTracker may not only reverse some of the effects of ageing, but may even be able to allow a participant to feel they are reclaiming part of the mental agility of their youth.
  • Increasing neuroplasticity → to avoid issues from cognitive decline (memory, sharpness, etc.) the NeuroTracker helps you sharpen your mind, and enhance the neuroplasticity of your brain, which can help you fight mental decline.

Sports performance

  • Unlocking true athletic performance
  • Athletic/Efficient brain → helps with breakout performance, training athletes to overall enhance their ability to flourish
  • Speed in decision-making → avoid costly mistakes, collecting information and giving it meaning and value – finding a suitable action
  • Knowing the difference between good and great → good players have good physical attributes to contribute to the team, great players differentiate themselves by their hard work, dedication, and mental training.

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What is ADHD?

ADHD is one of the common neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood.

Children with ADHD might:

→ trouble paying attention
→ controlling impulsive behaviours
→ overly active
→ daydream a lot
→ forget or lose things a lot
→ squirm or fidget
→ talk too much
→ make careless mistakes or take unnecessary risks
→ difficulty getting along with others

For parents of students diagnosed with ADHD, there is an apprehension of resorting to medication. Parents are looking to improve their child’s future by providing all the tools for success.

NeuroTracker sharpens in on the training needed to enhance your students’ well-being.

Safe and Sound Protocol

The purpose of the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is to initiate and assess a physiological state conducive to well-being, positive engagement with others, and growth in learning and therapy.

The Safe and Sound Protocol is designed to work with a person’s nervous system. When the child feels safe, calm, and relaxed his/her nervous system will be receptive to new acoustic stimuli within the frequency band of human communication and this will maximise the effectiveness of the intervention.

While feeling safe, calm, and relaxed may be difficult for many children, you can help by attempting to create a calming environment for the intervention administration.

What is a physiological state?
Physiological states focus on body parts, the senses, and the feelings they generate. Some states promote sociability, some promote tantrums, others promote shut down.

→ Feel better
→ Think better
→ Connect better

One SSP – Three pathways: Connect, Core, Balance

SSP CONNECT: warm up the nervous system with a gentle and slow introduction establish familiarity and a sense of safety.

SSP CORE: the original 5 hour listening program designed to wake up, exercise and open the nervous system.

SSP BALANCE: continue to stabilise and balance a sense of calm and grounding, and further merge the benefits of SSP Core.

– The SSP pathways are designed to help the nervous system better receive, process, respond, to the cues and signals from the world around us.

We are dedicated to helping your child achieve wellness.

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